"A Way of Thinking, Working, and Living"

The New Curriculum

In the past few years, a new subject called Life Crafting is being taught in colleges and universities around the world including Harvard University, the University of California, Berkeley, and Erasmus University, Rotterdam. 

Life Crafting is fundamentally changing self-improvement and personal development education in the 21st century.

Watch the Master Class overview video  >>

Your Life Curriculum

What you decide to learn and practice throughout your lifetime is your ‘life curriculum.’ Much of it was first learned from your family heritage. Much will be added by you as a result of your personal life experience and choices.

How you develop your knowledge and practice your skills in the subjects you choose to learn in your lifetime, will determine the unique masterpiece that is your life. 

Your Life Curriculum is a reference handbook containing sample topics that you might learn in your lifetime all organized within the Life Crafting framework as taught in the Life Crafting Master Class.com.

"What You Learn Makes You Who You Are."

Life Crafting Podcast

The Life Crafting Podcast is the audio companion to the Life Crafting Master Class.com people all over the world are using to help organize their Life Curriculum. 

Listen to this introduction to Life Crafting, as practiced in the workshops of the world for thousands of years, and the Way of Craftsmanship, a focusing practice to perform everything you do in your life with skill and Make a Masterpiece of Your Life. 

Life Crafting
is for Everyone

Life Crafting is a Way of Thinking, Working and Living that supports personal development for any age or lifestyle.

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Life Crafting Resources

Life Crafting is available on these popular platforms to suit your personal and professional development learning style. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in touch with us – we'll be happy to help.

Life Crafting
Master Class

The Life Crafting Master Class.com on the Udemy learning platform, this three-hour course has been taken by more than 3,300+ students all over the world.

Thirteen high-definition video episodes hosted by Charles Collins, provide a vivid, engaging presentation of Life Crafting that you can return to time and again and learn at your own pace.

Who this course is for:

Age 14-25: Individuals who want a clear reason why they should learn particular skills and not waste their time with useless information.

Age 25-45: People in the building phase of life who want to manage 'content overload' and 'burn-out' that comes from building a career and family all at the same time.

Age 45-65: Men & Women ready to create 'masterworks' because of the depth of knowledge they have achieved thus far in life. 

Age 65+: Mentors ready to collect of stories, knowledge, family heirlooms and more, as a heritage for the next generation to build on.

Discover the Life Crafting Master Class.com

Life Crafting

Hosted on the Medium publishing platform, Life Crafting Journal presents thoughtful articles on all aspects of practicing life-as-a-craft.

Charles' articles have also been selected for featured circulation by the Medium.com editorial team, and regularly appear in other publications hosted on the Medium platform, including:

  • Personal Growth
  • Change Becomes You
  • A Parent Is Born
  • Self Improvements
  • Thoughts And Ideas

Read Life Crafting Journal


Life Crafting
Podcast Interviews

Charles has appeared as the featured guest on more than 50 podcasts discussing the application of Life Crafting to a wide variety of topics including:

  • Life Purpose & Focus 
  • Family & Household Management 
  • Professional Development 
  • Personal Development & Self Improvement 
  • Business Management 

Popular questions include:

  • Is there a structure for learning the 'craft of life'? 
  • How can I teach my children to make a masterpiece of their lives? 
  • How can I apply craftsmanship in my professional development? 
  • How can I use craftsmanship to improve my business? 
  • What lessons can be learned from running a master workshop for running my household?

Listen to Life Crafting Interviews

* * *

Be sure to listen to the Life Crafting Podcast episodes to reinforce your Life Crafting Master Class.com lessons. 

Life Crafting Workshop

Introducing the Life Crafting Workshop on the Facebook platform - a place for people to share ideas about Life Crafting.

Originally started to support the more than 160K followers of Life Crafting's Life Curriculum pages on Facebook, the Life Crafting Workshop is open to everyone interested to share ideas on practicing Life-as-a-Craft.

The Life Curriculum pages:

Visit the Life Crafting Workshop

Life Crafting

Life Crafting: A Master's Journal is the second and newest book in the Life Crafting collection, and a companion reference to Your Life Curriculum available now on Amazon.com

This Life Crafting book explains  the practice of Life-as-a-Craft, the Way of Craftsmanship, and the Four Phases of Living that everyone passes through as we continually improve and make a masterpiece of our lives.

Life Crafting: A Master's Journal is scheduled for completion in 2024. 

Literary Agents and Publishers interested in receiving proposal, query, synopsis, and manuscript materials . . .

Please Contact Us.

Life Crafting Channel

The @LifeCraftingChannel on the YouTube platform presents Life Crafting video conversations with hosts.

These one-to-one discussions cover the full range of questions and answers about practicing Life-as-a-Craft, and how you can put these principles to work to improve your personal development skill building.

The Life Crafting Videos present the fundamentals of practicing life-as-a-craft as taught in the Master Class on Udemy.

Watch The Life Crafting Conversations

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